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CERN in Switzerland Opens New Gateway for Visitors to Get Their Science On

If you thought CERN, the renowned particle physics research facility in Geneva, was just for Nobel laureates and PhD’s, think again. The facility has inaugurated Science Gateway, a new, visionary hub with free admission for anyone from 5 to 95 to get involved in the next generation of human understanding of the universe at what may be the world’s most...

VIDEO: Dramatic Sailing Through One of the World’s Largest Fjords in the Arctic Aboard Seabourn Venture

10/26/2023 in Greenland
“The best morning of my life.” That was a cameraman’s reaction to filming in one of the hottest cruise destinations today. The Arctic’s icecaps, glaciers, icebergs and fjords are drawing intrepid cruise travelers who want to experience some of the most remote, pristine, – and epic – scenery in the world. 
You may have already cruised to Alaska and experienced some...

This All-Inclusive Resort is Expanding Included Dining: OFF-Resort Restaurants

10/26/2023 in Caribbean
It’s the best of both worlds. Part of the appeal of luxury, all-inclusive resorts is the array of dining options on the property where you can enjoy effortless, delightful dining you’ve already paid for. 
But what about getting a taste of the local restaurant scene on the rest of the island? And how about supporting other local businesses?
Sandals Resorts has come...

VIDEO: Meet the Moselle River on an Avalon Active & Discovery Cruise

The Moselle is one of the rivers less-traveled in Europe, and that’s just the beginning of the magical appeal of an itinerary that sails from Luxembourg, then the Rhine and Main into Germany. Three waterways with two wine regions, a famous stretch of castles, plus “Active” and “Discovery” shore excursions that give new ways to experience the countryside, cities and...

Two New Ships for Uniworld Boutique River Cruises Beginning 2024

Fans of ultra-luxury, all-inclusive boutique European river cruising have two reasons to celebrate. Uniworld has announced the addition of two ships to its fleet. Following the line’s tradition of naming ships after European queens, empresses and other royalty, the new ships names are S.S. Victoria and S.S. Elisabeth. The ships will begin sailing in 2024 and 2025 respectively. 
We say ‘new’...

This UNESCO Site Just Got One Step Closer... to Completion

10/12/2023 in Barcelona
Did you know there’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site that isn’t even finished yet? Many churches in Europe are World Heritage Sites… but most of them are hundreds, even a thousand years old. Only one of them is still under construction! And recently, Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia just achieved another milestone in its journey towards completion. 
The idea of a...

6 Resorts Where You Can Celebrate Mexico's "Day of the Dead"

Til death do you party! Dia de los Muertos is a cherished Mexican holiday honoring the memories of loved ones who have passed away. Coming just a day after Halloween, and symbolized by an elegantly-dressed skeleton, Day of the Dead is often thought of as a similar celebration of the supernatural, but it is a uniquely Mexican holiday that’s more...

Caribbean Lobster Festivals for Seafood Lovers' Travel Lists

It’s shorthand for luxury cuisine, but lobster eaten fresh at the source can be also be casual, street food, family dining and fun! That’s the premise behind lobster festivals in Caribbean destinations where they have access to an abundance of what may be the most popular crustacean. 
Unlike some festivals, lobster festivals are not limited to a single month or season...

A New Nature Reserve and More Hotel News From Aruba

Aruba’s hotel and resort scene is more alluring than ever. The Dutch island in the south Caribbean is known for its desert environment, perpetual tradewinds that shape its iconic divi divi trees, colorful, colonial town, and a famous beach that’s been named best in the world, where most resorts are found. 
News from three resorts highlights new experiences to give travellers...

Digital Fasting: Why You Should Go Device-Free on Your Next Holiday

Word this summer of the introduction of the world’s first phone-free tourist resort island in Finland highlighted a growing holiday trend: digital fasting. 
You read that right. Wellness travel has offered vacationers opportunities to undertake juice and other fasts on retreat trips to benefit their physical health.
Now, with growing awareness of the benefits of unplugging from our devices, we could be...