Brilliant Ways To Save Money While Travelling

Are you looking to cut back on your expenses during your travels? Good for you. It shows you have learnt the cardinal rule every traveller should learn, keeping it simple. Check out the following tips...they may help you realize your dream of saving lots of cash from your trips.

1. Pick cheap destinations. Some these cheap destinations have a more comprehensive package than the high-end destinations.

2. Keep off the cities as much as you can. Cities are usually populated with well-heeled urbanites. These people always pay premium. The countryside on the other hand is assumed to be populated with the poor hence cheaper services, accommodations and food.

3. Target the Low SeasonHotels, airlines, and restaurants offer discounted rates during low season.

4. Rent an apartmentIf you are visiting a destination for an extended period, an apartment will be a cheaper option compared to the hotel.

5. Eat lots of snacks, or eat street food Most restaurants do not live up to the hype. Their costs go through the roof especially in the evening. Checkout whether they have a happy hour.

6. Trains and buses are way cheaper than plane travel.

7. How about walking to your points of interest instead of using a taxi?

8. Learn how to bargain.

9. Dress like the locals. Tourists usually pay higher for services and goods as compared to the locals.

10. Subscribe to an air travel loyalty program with a major airline and stay loyal. You will redeem the air miles later.

11. Take a lot of care with the currency exchanges. Research the best bureaus to exchange your money.

Does this list help? If it does, why don't you expand on it...you can even share it with your buddies.

By Kennedy Runo

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