Dalmatia, Croatia, a must visit for Game of Thrones fans!

An idyllic region of Croatia, Dalmatia has everything you desire in a vacation. A rich cultural heritage evidenced by medieval towns, numerous islands surrounded by the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, immense fortresses,  mysterious caves and caverns, and not to be missed, the locations of the Game of Thrones TV series!

Located in the eastern coast of Adriatic Sea, the region of Dalmatia is one of the four historical regions of the country. Most if its area is covered by the Dinaric Alps mountain ranges, lush vegetation and untouched forests, while its coast is dotted by 79 islands and about 500 islets. Because of it mild Mediterranean climate, it is visited by both local and international tourists at any time of the year.   

Although the region has a lot of attractions, it became very popular when the Game of Throne TV series was aired, part of which was shot in Dalmatia. You can take a one-day tour where you will learn new things about the series aside from gaining knowledge of the history of the places involved, or a 5-day tour which will take you to the King’s Landing, Path to Meereen, Danaerys Finds Comfort on the Islands and the Sea, the New Throne, and the Setting the Slaves Free: Meereen Belongs to the Queen of Dragons, important settings and episodes of the series.  If you had your fill of Games of Thrones, you can also take a tour of the islands of Mljet, and Kornati archipelago, and enjoy numerous water activities.  Find time visit Putalj Winery, where you can sample the best wines in Croatia.

Game of Thrones might be what will lure you to Dalmatia, but there is more to experience and see in this enchanting region. Consult your travel agent for more details. 

By Sunshine Silva about Croatia

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