Dangers of cheap flights

Everyone looks forward to holidays with friends and family that’s why planning months or even a year ahead is what most groups do by using online reservations since organizing in advance does make your trip cheaper. But how sure are you that the reservation you have made is legal and that you are directly communicating with the hotel itself?

The Federal Commission have been receiving numerous complaints regarding online reservation. A number of people experience arriving at the hotel with no reservation, later on paying higher rates than what was posted by the hotel, and having to pay hidden charges. Amy Hebert, an FTC consumer education specialist wrote in one of their posts that it’s hard to tell if you’re not on the hotel’s site. She also wrote that some sites would often have the hotel’s name in the URL and a phone number can be seen together with the hotel’s address. If there’s another logo found on the site then this is a sign that there’s a third-party reservation company. 

When typing the hotel’s name on the search engine, it is not 100% sure that the first to appear on top is the hotel’s official site. TFC warns its readers once more that “some third-party reservation companies pay for the top spot on the result page or buy prominent space on the right.”

We all want a peaceful and relaxing vacation with good company. Trust worthy travel agencies are just around the corner. Their services ensure you of an unforgettable experience with no hidden charges, sure accommodation, and fun-filled day that would make you want to go back.

By Chiemi Irene Alonzo

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