Experience the real Egypt: Modes of Transportation

The real Egypt is not the Pyramids of Giza or the much hyped Mediterranean beaches. True, the Pharaohs make up much of the history of Egypt, but if you really want to live like an Egyptian, you will have to leave the comfy tourist resorts and head to the desert. Only then can you say you have experienced the real Egypt.

Cairo serves as the heartbeat of the country. Apparently, all roads, desert trails, rivers and sea transport routes end in Cairo. With over 21,000 miles of road network and an equally impressive rail network, one would wonder why you will opt to travel using a camel.

Well, you have never been to a desert. Egypt is largely a desert country. Apart from the banks of River Nile, the rest of the country is dry. To get around and see the rural Egypt, you need a camel. Tie a turban around your head like the Arabs do and head deep into the desert...this way, you experience the real Egypt.

Sleeper Trains are for the budget travellers in Egypt. Are you up for a night long journey on a 6 by 4 cubicle with four other individuals? Only this way can you say you experienced the real Egypt.

The Bus is another popular mode of transport that allows you to catch sights of Egypt and mingle with locals. If you speak a little Arabic, the better. Most people here can speak English too...so don't worry about language barrier.

The Felucca boat - Forget the overpriced cruise ships plying River Nile. The locals ride the Felluca. The Aswan climate, the natural scenes and the frequent docking on sleepy villages allows you to experience Egypt like you can never experience it on a cruise ship.

In short, try to things like the locals and you will have an authentic feel of the country.

By Kennedy Runo about Egypt

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