Active Nature and Exploration in the Andes of Equador

Tierra del Volcan is located in the heart of the Central Andes of Ecuador, surrounded by impressive volcanoes. Tierra del Volcan offers a great opportunity to explore conservation from quiet to adrenaline fulled activity options in the Cotopaxi area.

Tierra del Volcan provides a world-class adventure experience. The unique position of their properties – protected by surrounding hills – means they are in a declared safe area from which to explore the mystical volcanoes. They have one of the closest open lodges to Cotopaxi, offering a truly unique and safe encounter with an active volcano while you enjoy legendary adventure moments.

You can reserve pre-designed tours, customized tours, or simply lodging and a few outdoor activities. These outdoor adventures include horseback riding while being immersed in the Chagra culture (Ecuadorian highland cowboy), dining in traditional straw-roofed farmhouses, camping in small valleys hidden between mountain folds, trekking around the premises, climbing impressive peaks, ziplining over hills and paramo plateaus, riding mountain bikes through ancient eruptions from Cotopaxi, and visiting one of the highest forests in the world. You can also take part in the different conservation and community support programs through ‘Traveling with a Meaning’ tailored itineraries. At the farm houses you will have the chance to participate in the daily life of the haciendas or relax in front of a crackling fire. Your enjoyable stay at Tierra del Volcan can be as adventurous as you desire.

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