Contiki's got a new way to travel Europe

Change is in the Air

New trips, a new travel style, and a whole lotta exciting changes coming your way in 2018 – Wanna see what we mean?

More Flexibility & More Freedom

Who doesn’t love shiny new things? We certainly do, so we’re friggin’ excited to announce the launch of Contiki's brand new travel style, Independent Insider.

They created this travel style for travelers who are more experienced and want the freedom and flexibility to choose exactly where, when, and how they spend their time in Europe. We’re talking no itineraries, no wake-up calls, just them and some of Europe’s hottest cities.

Brand new City Break trips are just a small part of our new Insider trips. Authentic food experiences like dining in the home of a local, spending 3-nights in each city, and of course, the Contiki team nearby whenever you need them… that’s what makes these trips legendary.

Want to know more about Contiki's legendary tours? Contact Jubilee Travel and we will tell you everything you need to know to know for your Contiki Holiday!