Dream. Plan. Go to Mexico with G Adventures.

Ancient and brand-new, all at once Beyond the stereotypes of mariachi bands and tacos, Mexico is a cultural giant of the Americas. A massive and diverse country, its history stretches across thousands of years from the ancient Olmec, Maya, and Aztec, though the arrival of Cortés and three centuries of harsh Spanish rule. For all its familiarity, Mexico is capable of surprising at every turn; to make the mistake of reducing it to a beach resort is like confusing the USA with Las Vegas. Certainly, beaches and beach life rank high as reasons to visit. Add to the mix ancient sites and vibrant indigenous culture, the cosmopolitan neighbourhoods of the world's largest city and a cuisine (and liquor) successfully exported around the world, and you've got yourself una buena vacacion.

Jubilee Travel are Magic of Mexico Specialists and we recommend G Adventures for Mexico because:

100% Guaranteed Departures - Once you have booked and paid, you're going - guaranteed.

Lifetime Deposits - If you have to cancel your trip, you can use their deposit again for the same trip, transfer it to another one, pass it on to a friend or donate it to Planeterra.24/7

Small groups - Groups average 12 travellers per departure, which allows for more intimate experiences and deeper cultural immersion, while making sure we minimize the impact on the environment.

No single supplements - Solo travellers are partnered up with a same-sex roommate to ensure they pay the same as everyone else.

Chief Experience Officers (CEOs) - Every trip comes equipped with an expert CEO responsible for enriching your journey, offering local insight, and pursuing great experiences as they happen.

Value - Unforgettable travel experiences at the most competitive prices by following a grassroots approach that keeps operating costs low and savings high.

Proudly Canadian - Although G Adventures has grown into one of the world's largest adventure travel companies, Over their 20+ years, they've always been proud to call Canada home.

To book your G Adventures Mexico getaway, contact Jubilee Travel today.