The Best of Florida, Packed into One Place

You may think you know Florida's Palm Beaches: the region from Jupiter to West Palm Beach and Boca Raton which has always been a seemingly exclusive paradise. However, the story of the modern-day Palm Beaches is largely untold, full of thriving, youthful cities, sitting alongside pristine beaches. The destination draws guests, regardless of how deep their pockets, to enjoy the outdoors and broaden their horizons through art, culture, sports and cuisine.

Visitors can find themselves up close and personal with sea life on the Phil Foster Underwater Snorkel Trail, one of the top snorkeling sites in the U.S. or get a baseball preview at two stadiums, where four major league teams kick off their spring training. Social calendars fill up easily during the winter months, when festivals, concerts, and events of all types occur on a daily basis.

Whether looking for a quiet getaway, a family-fun filled adventure, or a memorable group trip, you will certainly be surprised in The Palm Beaches - “a true Floridian hidden gem.

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