Explore Villa Des Pitons in St. Lucia

Built by renowned American architect, John Dipol, the Villa Des Pitons reflects the St. Lucian splendor, serenity and rich culture. It exudes the hospitality that is so common with the local resorts, and epitomizes the holidaying mood of the island.

What more, the views of the Pitons is breathtaking. Imagine sipping your evening tea while enjoying the natural landscape...cool, right? This villa has very few equals, if any, in St. Lucia.

Among the amenities enjoyed by guests staying at the villa include; off-street parking, safety deposit box, electronic adapters, cellphone, linen beddings and towels, and fully equipped kitchens.

There are also several premium amenities including; home cooked Creole Food, laundry services, concierge services, babysitting, car rentals, spa and massage, photography, event planning among others.

By staying in a villa than a hotel, you will have enough flexibility to engage only in the activities that you find interesting. Here, you will have the rare chance of sampling an array of Creole dishes, host private parties, and visit local attractions including; Piton Mountains, Sulphur Springs, and Marigot Bay.

Among the popular holiday and recreational activities that guests at the villa enjoy include; visiting the spa, boating, waterskiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, wind surfing, tennis, hiking, zip lining and many more.

Make a reservation today and get to enjoy a holiday without the limitations associated with hotel stay. You can also click here to view comments by other travellers on Trip Advisor.

By Kennedy Runo about St Lucia

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