Find your garden of Eden in Costa Rica

After learning that Costa Rica has been ranked twice as the best performing country on the New Economics Foundation's (NEF) Happy Planet Index, your interest in visiting the country should be high. But wait until you get into the country...that is when you will see the Biblical Garden of Eden being reincarnated before your eyes.

Costa Rica features the Caribbean Coast to the east and the Pacific Coast to the West. It is a holiday resort country offering the best holiday accommodations in Central America. What more, it lies between latitudes 8° and 12°N, well within the tropics.

Apparently the country's good climate is derived from this fact. The rich biodiversity is a telltale sign of the good climate it enjoys. Among the popular national parks in the country include; Corcovado national Park, Tortuguero National Park, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and The Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad.

Inside these national parks, you get to enjoy the rich flora and fauna species. The wildlife you will encounter here include; mantled howler, Central American Squirrel, 3-and 2-toed sloth, over 320 species of birds, the green turtle and many more.

Other physical features that you will find in Costa Rica include; the Arenal Mountain, Cerro Chirripo, Lake Arenal, Irazu Volcano, Cocos Island and Calero Island.

If you love nature, then Costa Rica is the paradise that you have been searching for so long. Welcome to the contemporary world's Eden!

By Kennedy Runo about Costa Rica

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