Five questions to ask about planning a destination wedding

Thinking of saying " I do " in a paradise like setting far away from home?

Well before you start picking the exotic cocktail list, ask yourself these five questions.

1. Budget- Are you willing to stretch your budget if need be. In most cases destination weddings can be much more economical for the bride and groom. However, in some cases we've had couples with a go big or go home attitude and things can add up real fast.

2. Decisions- Can you make quick but calculated decisions along with our wedding planner. The perfect destination wedding comes down to a series of small decisions make sure you're ready to make them.

3. Guest list. This one is the biggest one of all. Will the people I want most to be at my wedding be able and willing to attend?

4. Both sets of parents. Have you spoken to each set of parents and received feedback from both parties. If one set of parents is hesitant, it can sometimes become an issue before and even during the wedding itself.

5. Destination. Where will the wedding take place? Can you and your partner easily come to a decision or, at least, the style of destination wedding that would work best?

Have more questions or need more advice? Contact Sandy our wedding expert and she'll help you through the next steps in the planning process.

By Sandy Karwacki-Farber, BA

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