Five reasons why your credit card travel medical insurance may not be sufficient

Credit cards usually provide free medical coverage while traveling as one of its perks. A lot of people assume that this is adequate enough if in case a medical emergency arises while traveling. This might make you feel that you are well protected but is it adequate enough to meet your needs? Here are five reasons why your credit card travel medical insurance may not sufficient enough.

  • You must declare any pre-existing conditions beforehand so you will know if this is covered by your credit card travel medical insurance. This might alter your coverage, and you can discuss coverage options. Some credit cards may not cover your pre-existing conditions so you might want to explore other alternatives.
  • Unforeseen events can disrupt your travel plans. It might be before your trip, during your trip, or you might have to cut short your trip.  Credit card insurance policies usually cover the value of the trip and for the cardholder only.  Be aware that your coverage might only be of benefit if you charge the trip to that particular card.
  • Make sure that your credit card company has a 24/7 Travel Assistance in the country that you are traveling to. This is very important especially when a medical emergency arises, when you lose your travel documents, or for other security and emergency concerns.
  • Scrutinizing your coverage limitation is crucial to learning about what you can or cannot avail, and maximizing your coverage.  You must know how much the amount coverage is, and what does it include. It is common for credit card travel medical insurance policies to exclude emergency air transportation, repatriation, prescription medications, and therapeutic medical devices.
  • One of the most important considerations is the eligibility requirements. Questions that must be answered are the following: Does the policy cover your family?  What options do you have if the family is not included? Is everybody qualified or are there limitations especially if a member of the family has a pre-existing condition or might be excluded because of the age factor.

You might have more questions that needto be addressed before you travel. Consult Jubilee Travel https://www.jubileeonline.ca for more information and details. 

By Sunshine Silva

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