Five things you should know about Palestine

Lean back and read through this post. You are about to read some few things you did not know about the birthplace of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Its name is Palestine...or more officially, the State of Palestine. And no, this is not a political blog. It is a travel blog. That is why you won't read about who claim what piece of land. Rather, it is about the little things that you did not know about Palestine but should.

  1. The State of Palestine was accepted into the United Nations as a Non-member observer state in 2012.
  2. The official administrative center is Ramallah, but East Jerusalem is considered more of the capital of the country. The country is a De Jure (single party) parliamentary republic and its official language is Arabic.
  3. The name ‘Palestine’ is usually loosely used to mean the southeast corner of the Mediterranean Sea spreading from Syria, Israel, West Bank, and Gaza Strip. In ancient Greece, Herodotus refers to it as a district of Syria called 'Palaistine'.
  4. Whenever in Palestine, keep off matters of religion and politics. These are very sensitive topics in this part of the world.
  5. Cast the stereotype. It is not all parts of Palestine that are at war with Israel. In fact, it is a very small neighborhood. It is like saying the whole of New York is at war while only Manhattan is.

If you take time and visit this country, you will discover a different story. A story of history and beauty. A story of a friendly people who have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances but who have prospered in the face of danger. Visit and keep your mind open...

By Kennedy Runo

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