Fun Activities That Can Put Some Spice In Your Travel

Everybody wants a surefire way of spicing up their holiday. Maybe the buildup before the vacation raised the expectations too much and you do not want your spouse disappointed. Allow me to help. I have tabulated several ways through which you can spice up the travel. Take a look:

1. Learn how to pick up conversations with strangers

There is nothing as boring as sitting in a bar in a foreign country without anyone to talk to. Before you go on holiday, make sure you know how to talk to strangers.

2. Try some new foods

The reason you are travelling is to get away from the regular. Start doing different things such as eating strange foods.

3. Bring along someone you love

Have you ever gone to a shabby place but did not mind because you were with the one you love? This is exactly the point. Your trip will be much more interesting if you are travelling with the one you love.

4. Stay out of hotel rooms

In other words, get engaged. Go out on a hike. Go to a beach party. Drink with friends to the wee hours. Only go back to your hotel room exhausted. That is the only way to keep boredom at bay. Remember that man is a social being. Don't allow yourself lonely moments.

5. Music

Listening to music is one of the best ways to relax. It is also the best way to pass hours on that 9-hour flight. Have a collection of your favorite music with you every time you travel.

6. Learn a language

If you are not very good at picking a conversation with strangers, here is how: why don't you ask the person sitting next to you to teach you how to say hi in 5 different ways in his lingo?

7. Meet new people, and make friends with them

If there is one thing that will spice your travel, it is getting accepted in new social circles. These people will invite you into their houses, their parties, and even their exploration trips. Your circle of friends will also have expanded.

8. If you are single, a vacation fling will spice your travel

Who knows, maybe your holiday fling will turn out to be a great relationship that may end up in marriage.

9. Positive attitude is everything

Learn that other countries have their way of doing things. Don't get offended because things are not being done the way you are used to.

10. Engage in your hobby

If you love photography, then take lots of photograph. If you are foodie, then sample as many new cuisines as possible. If you love dancing, then find your way to the nightclub.

Feel free to add to the list. Whatever makes you happy during your trip, do it and do it often.

By Kennedy Runo

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