Get the Best of Both Worlds with "Bleisure Travel"

In the last 50 years, the world has seen a fast paced business scene that has never been witnessed before. People rarely have time to enjoy a holiday. This led to the coining in of the world 'Bleisure'. Bleisure can be defined as the delicate balance between pleasure and business. In the contemporary world, it is very hard to tell the difference. It is a very blurred line that even travel experts are getting a hard time differentiating the two. But what has helped bleisure gain traction?

Among the things that have helped boost the world's ability to have bleisure is internet. Many of the world's holiday destinations have adjusted their facilities to allow people to conduct business from their lobbies, hotel rooms, car rentals as well as conference rooms. Today it is not hard to spot a business executive logged into his company's ERP working while a having Champagne on the poolside of a Caribbean Resort. It is also not hard to see young men developing software on the street bench while connecting to a hotel’s Wi-Fi that directly routes him to the internet.

Another of the factors that have led to the increase of Bleisure is the busy schedules that business executives have. It is a rare occasion indeed to see a business executive who has a whole month off without getting calls from office. Such is the world we are living in. If an executive does not get creative and start mixing business with leisure, he will burn out way before his retirement age.

The hotel and resorts have also recognized the effect that having business facilities in their complexes have on their bottom lines. Actually, most of them are encouraging people to conduct their businesses from their premises. This ensures that there is no low season in their business model. There will always be business travellers year-round, and this helps them keep their bottom lines healthy.

If you are a professional and are not having the best of both business and leisure worlds, you are missing big time. Mixing leisure and business not only helps you love your job and hence be more productive, but also helps you unwind and replenish the exhausted body energies to tackle more complex business challenges as days go by.


By Kennedy Runo

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