Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas You gotta eat here

So every Tom, Dick and Harry on the TV is a weight expert? The hell with them. Ignore their 'you ought to check your weight' line. It is an overdone cliché. The stuff they advocate rarely works. At Heart Attack Grill, you get to eat your way into fine health, and this, without turning yourself into a self-loathing, self-destructive anorexia.

Doctors agree that subjecting your body to a weight seesaw of ups and downs will do you no good. Rather, a stable and gradual increase in weight might be the best bet for a long and healthy life. Don't beat yourself so hard. Enjoy life a little. Take your fair share of burgers, flies, full sugar coke and butter shake. Do not overdo it though. Make no mistake, at Heart Attack Grill, you just take your fair share - nothing more, nothing less.

The restaurant is a mistaken teacher. It advocates for living your life to the fullest, and its menu shows it. If you cannot enjoy culinary delights, what is there in life to enjoy? Eat to your fill and then hit the gym. Do not get anorexic! The Heart Attack Grill helps you achieve some adult weight. It bills itself as a nutritional pornography center.

What to eat: Sextuple Bypass Burger, Hardcore Jell-O Shots, Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan, Margaritas etc.

By Kennedy Runo about Las Vegas

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