Hidden waterfalls in the Grand Canyon

To the casual observer, the Grand Canyon in the US Colorado Plateau is one large fissure. That there is even life inside the Canyon is inconceivable. However, upon careful looking, you will find a canyon that’s teeming with wildlife and exotic plants.

This life will need water to survive. There are hidden waterfalls deep inside the canyon that give life to the flora and fauna therein. Below are some of these hidden waterfalls.

1. The Upper Navajo Waterfalls - Located about 1 mile past Supai Village. It is 50 feet tall and falls into a rocky pool

2. Havasu Falls - This is located about 1.5 miles from Supai Village. It falls 30 meters on a vertical cliff.

3. Beever Falls - These falls are located about 6 miles downstream of Supai.

4. Mooney Falls - These are located about 2.25 miles from Supai Village. The water cascades about 64 meters on the walls of the Canyon.

5. Lower Navajo Falls - Located about 0.15 miles from Upper Navajo Falls, these falls tumbles 9.1 meters into a swimming hole.

Whatever else you do in your lifetime, a visit to the hidden waterfalls of the Grand Canyon must be one of them.

By Kennedy Runo about United States

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