How to avoid losing your luggage

Together with having a delayed flight, a lost baggage is also something that can get on anyone's nerves. Here are tips on how to prevent lost luggage:

The first thing to do is to head over to the baggage carousel as soon as you get off your flight to minimize the probability of your bag getting stolen. If you feel something is wrong, do not leave the airport no matter what. Stay at the airport and file a report. However, late check-ins would often lead to lost or delayed bags so make sure you check in at the airport at least an hour or more before your flight. Second, do not scream and yell at the airport employees. It’s time to be polite even if you had a long and tiring flight. You’re the one asking for a favor and there’s a great possibility they can help you track your lost luggage. Third, in order to be sure, make a packing list so that when employees ask about what’s inside your bag, you wouldn’t lose anything valuable. Also, make sure that the sticker that was placed on your bag has the correct destination.

Amidst all these safety guidelines, consider getting a travel insurance to help you recoup any losses. Try to use a baggage tagging service since they offer luggage tags with serial numbers that can be linked to your suitcase via online database. They will contact you as soon as your items are found.

There may be unwanted events during your trip that’s why it’s better to be cautious and alert. Try these tips and travel without any worries!

By Kimberley Reyes

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