How to get around and see a lot in Amsterdam

Although Amsterdam is legally recognized as the capital city of the Netherlands, the country's actual seat of government is in Hague. This has left Amsterdam to be the commercial capital of the country.

Amsterdam is a city on canals. Over 50% of the city streets of Amsterdam are canals. Among the most popular canals include; Herengracht, Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, Singel, Zwanenburgwal, Kloveniersburgwal, Brouwersgracht, Brantasgracht, Lamonggracht, Majanggracht and Seranggracht. All these canal streets have popular eateries on their banks.

The popularity of the Amsterdam Canal Ring among the adventure seekers has given rise to a lot of cruising companies that offer tours around Amsterdam. The rates vary depending on what you would like to see around the city, the duration of your ride, as well as comfort afforded on the cruisers. Blue Boat Company for example charges 15 euros per person for a cruise of 75 minutes around the city. Other popular companies that offer cruises in the Canal Ring include; Amsterdam Canal Cruises, Viator, Denederlanden, Amsterdam City Tours among others.

Other methods of getting around amstedam apart from boats and cruise ships in the city include; metro, tram, bus, car, national rail, cycling, etc.

Note that only two methods of transportation can accord you the privilege of seeing Amsterdam. These are cycling and on a boat in the canals.

Among the popular sights that lie within the canal belt and which are accessible by bicycle include; Anne Frank House, Rijks Museum, Vondelpark, Jordaan, Rembrandt House Museum, Hermitage Amsterdam, Natura Artis Magistra and many more.

Welcome to Amsterdam and experience authentic Dutch hospitality and charm. I almost envy you...

By Kennedy Runo about The Convent Amsterdam

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