It's all about Thai! A Traditional Thai Wedding Ceremony

Have you ever wondered how a Traditional Thai Wedding Ceremony is planned, arranged, and celebrated?  The preparation and rituals involved before and during the ceremony is entirely different from how weddings are held in western countries. There are rituals and traditions that must be followed to ensure that the couple will have a good married life.

There are many variations of a Thai Traditional Wedding, but most follow the same rituals which involves the following:

  • Choosing a date of the ceremony is important to ensure a happy married life.
  • Khan Maak Procession is when the groom’s family visits the bride’s family to talk about the dowry. The engagement ceremony can take place before or on the day of the wedding.
  • Gate Ceremony is held during the Khan Maak Procession. The groom provides a key, an envelope with money inside,symbolizing the capability of the groom to financially provide.
  • Buddhist Blessing and Merit Making. Although the wedding is a non-religious affair, Buddhist monks are present to bless the couple.  

There are other rituals involved in a Thai Traditional Wedding Ceremony such as counting the dowry, thread ceremony & water pouring, and preparing the bridal bed.

Friends and other family member are rarely invited to the actual ceremony, but if you are, do not forget to dress appropriately and do remember not to wear black. Avoid standing above the monk when he is sitting, and do not point your feet towards the monk or a Buddha statue.  Do take note that giving cash is actually preferred instead of gifts.

You are now ready to enjoy a Traditional Thai Wedding Ceremony!

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