Kitesurfing Adventure in Egypt

Being bordered by the world's largest desert and world's most famous seas has been one of the major drives behind the Egyptian travel economy. Egypt is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Red Sea to the East and the Sahara Desert to the South. The winds blowing from the desert make the seas ideal for kite surfing.

Is there a better thrill than feeling like a Bedouin floating on a kite propelled surfboard? This is the experience you will have at either of the seas. The Egyptian Mediterranean Coast is by far the most popular among the two. Most people that do not live by the sea do not know what kite surfing is all about. This is usually however not a problem in Egypt. You will learn what kitesurfing boards are, how to safely make kitesurfing jumps and kiteloops, the different types of kites and a lot more about the kiting holiday.

Did you know that there are 8 different styles of kitesurfing? They include; Freeride, Freestyle, Wave Riding, Wakestyle, Wakeskating, jumping, course racing and speed-racing. These are some of the things you are likely to pick up on your daring New Year kitesurfing adventure in Egypt.

The winds on the Mediterranean are strong. To be able to kite surf safely, you will need a kite, board, harness and other basic equipment such as wetsuit, safety hook knife, floatation device, impact vest, board leash, signaling device, GPS, and a surfing partner to help you launch the kite and attend to you in case of emergencies.

The average cost for a 7 day and night surfing school and surfing experience is 260 Euros. You will need to buy some of the surfing equipment but most companies will provide their guests with surfing boards, kites and harness.

If you want to kick off your African tour with a bang, then kitesurfing in Egypt is a good bet.




By Kennedy Runo about Egypt

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