Rich And Tasty Breakfast To Kick Start Your Day In Ecuador

Doctors advise a heavy meal before you start your day. The practice, though medically correct, is one of the most ignored advises.

If you are in Ecuador however, I advise that you heed the advice. You will probably spend the whole day walking and marveling at the country's attractions. So what does a breakfast in Ecuador entail?

The Ecuadorian cuisine is diverse. For example in the mountains, you will find people heavily reliant on guinea pig, pork, chicken and beef served along with food heavy in carbohydrates such as potatoes, corn and rice. A good example of this is the hornado dish that consists of roasted guinea pig and potatoes.

People living at the coast on the other hand prefer fish, beans and plaintins. They are into seafood such as ceviche which is prepared with shrimp marinated in lime juice with cassava bread and crushed peanuts.

A typical dining table in Ecuador will most certainly have carbohydrates such as bread, cassava, rice potato and yuca. It will also feature proteins such as beef, pork or fish. It is customary to have a beverage such as coffee or herbal tea after the meal.

So what should you have for breakfast? Check out what the locals are eating. The breakfast taken by the locals is the best since it has been developed over the years to cater for energy needs throughout the day. Make it heavy in starch and proteins. Some fruits will be good too.

By Kennedy Runo about Ecuador

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