Sandals Royal Caribbean

The Sandals Royal Caribbean is a melting pot of cultures. Although the resort boasts an English heritage particularly through its Georgian-style architectural design, it has had an influence from almost all of the world’s cultures.

The resort’s surroundings are punctuated by beautifully manicured gardens and feature the ever graceful peacocks roaming the compound. The picture of a British holiday destination is completed by services such as breakfast in bed, afternoon tea and an intriguing game of croquet in the evenings.

Some few minutes away are the resort’s private island, where the real beauty of the orient world is revealed. Your journey into what is seemingly a replica of Bali begins with beachside pleasures during the day and by night the chic parties. The Thai restaurant and island-style extravaganzas get you into the relaxation mood that grips every visitor on the first night at the resort. Simply put, you will be enjoying a 2-in-1 kind of holiday at the Sandals Royal Caribbean.

Accommodation at the resort is graduated into different categories, generally comprising of rooms and suites. The resort management has an accommodation for every kind of visitor from the budget traveller to the wealthy and popular individuals. Whether you will be travelling as a family, business team or even extended circle of friends, you will find an accommodation suitable for you. Below is a list of the available rooms and suites at the resort:

  • Luxury Level Rooms
  • Club Level Rooms
  • Butler Level Rooms
  • Swim up Crystal Lagoon Honeymoon One Bedroom Butler Suite
  • Grand Luxury Butler Suite with Tranquility Soaking Tub
  • Crystal Lagoon Honeymoon Penthouse Oceanview One Bedroom Butler Suite
  • Royal Sanctuary Beachfront One Bedroom Butler Suite
  • Crystal Lagoon Honeymoon One Bedroom Butler Suite with Private Stairway
  • Royal Sanctuary One Bedroom Butler Suite
  • Walkout Swim up Crystal Lagoon Honeymoon Butler Suite
  • Crystal Lagoon Honeymoon Oceanview Butler Suite
  • Crystal Lagoon Honeymoon Butler Suite
  • Beachfront Honeymoon Walkout Club Level Room
  • Kensington Cove Honeymoon Beachfront Club Level Room
  • Beachfront Grande Luxe
  • Caribbean Grande Luxe Poolside
  • Royal Sanctuary Grande Luxe
  • Caribbean Premium
  • Caribbean Deluxe

Among the special offers currently available (they are revised periodically) for staying at this resort include; up to US$335 Air Credits, up to US$150 spa bonus, US$100 Spa Credit, Free catamaran Cruise, 1 free night, and you can save up to 65% of your total budget. Amazingly, all you need to be able to book a stay at this resort is a budget of US$400...how cool is that?

Note that all the rooms are fitted with such facilities as four poster beds, plasma TV's, balconies, refrigerators, air cons etc. They offer beautiful views of well-manicured gardens with their colorful exotic butterflies and flowers such as orchids, fishtail palms and ginger lilies. Some of the rooms offer sweeping views of the ocean and the beach.

As if that is not grand enough, the resort offers its guests 8 different restaurants from which to enjoy their favorite meals. You will go on a culinary tour that will leave your taste grands completely spoilt. Perhaps to kick off your tour, you should enjoy the Tom Kha Gai (chicken soup with coconut milk) or the nue nam-man hoy (stir-fried beef with Thai red curry sauce) served at the Royal Thai Restaurant.

If you are into old elegance, then you could not find it better manifested than at the Regency Restaurant. Here, the Executive Chef Glenroy Walker will serve you with his signature dishes such as the Atlantic Salmon Fillet or the Jamaican Chicken Breast. Not to be outdone is the Le Jardinier Restaurant with its authentic French delicacies such as Escargots Bourguignon or Salade Nicoise Classique. Other restaurants within the resort confines that will make your dining experience merry include; The Cricketers Pub, Eleanors, The Bamboo Shack, The Mariner and Bella Napoli Pizzeria.

The resort has a dining exchange program that allows its guest to enjoy meals at a whopping 19 restaurants around Montego Bay, 2 of which are near Sandals. Apart from fine dining, you can also engage in candle lit dinners, sample Bringer wines and Jamaican Rum.

If there is one place that you will never fall short of something interesting to do, it is at this resort. Recreational activities available at the resort are categorized into 5 groups namely;

  1. Water sports - canoeing/kayaking, water skiing, riding hobie cats, scuba pools, paddle boarding, aquatrikes, sailing, snorkeling, swimming, tubing, and scuba diving.
  2. Red Lane Spa - Here you get to have your best spa experience yet. From yoga classes to salon activities to steam room and relaxation gardens; the Red Lane Spa at Sandals is the ultimate relaxation spot in the Caribbean.
  3. Land Activities - These include activities such as table tennis, shuffle boards, beach volleyball, billiards, day/night tennis, board games, and Xbox One Experience.
  4. Fitness Center - Here you will have the chance to lose a few pounds and keep your body in shape using equipment such as treadmills, weights, stair climbers, exercise bikes, elliptical machines, and cybex equipment. You will also be able to attend classes such as aerobics and aqua fit lessons.
  5. Entertainment - After a long day at work, you will be entertained in the amphitheater, Piano Bar, Chocolate Buffet, etc. You can also attend events such as Jamaica Jamboree, talent night, beach parties, live band entertainment and theme nights.

If you are yet to stay at the Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort, perhaps you should put this destination at the top of your bucket list. If you have been there, it is time you went back and try to exhaust the list of recreational activities you wished you had enough time to engage in during your last vacation. Actually, you do not have to do this alone...contact us today and we will get you packing...

By Kennedy Runo about Jamaica

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