Spring break in Greece

So you are wondering what you will do with your spring break this year? Allow me to suggest a novel idea. How about a trip to Greece? The Athenian Greece reign over the world may have come to an end, but it did not go away with the beautiful adventure destinations that were and are still located in Greece. Below are a couple of Greece destinations that will make your spring memorable.

1. Mount Olympus

This is by far the best place for climbing, canyoning, caving, coasteering and rappelling in Greece. There is nowhere else in the world where you can explore the hidden beaches of Pilion, walk on the historical “kalderimi” stones paths, and discover the amazing scenery of Sporades islands.

2. Crete

Crete is an island of Greece located in the Aegean Sea. The southern coast of the island is explored using a kayak. You will get to visit archaeological sites, eat and mingle with people in remote villages, soak in the sun in the bare beaches and all this, in the coolest transport method of all, paddling the kayak.

3. The Cyclades

If you have never explored or lived in an island, perhaps you need to introduce yourself in the best way ever by visiting the Cyclades in Greece. In these islands, life is fun filled with options of horse riding, rafting, hiking in the mountains, rock climbing, sailing, sea kayaking and walking tours among many more. Trust me; you will want to live in Greece after this.

4. Mount Athos

This mountain is a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site courtesy of the 20 stavropegial Eastern Orthodox monasteries that call it home. During your Mount Athos expedition, make sure you get into one of these monasteries and see how the monks live. If you are religious you can also say a prayer while in the temple.

5. Acropolis of Athens

You can never go to Greece and fail to visit its most popular tourist attraction - the Acropolis of Athens. This is an ancient citadel that represents ancient Athenian architecture, the most popular being the Parthenon.
Need I explain that Greece is well out-of-the-beaten path among the American holiday-makers? Yours will be an interesting tale that you will regale your friends over beer once you are back home.

By Kennedy Runo about Greece

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