Swim along with the fur seals in Kaikoura, New Zealand

Named after food - Kai and Crayfish - Koura, the town of Kaikoura is where you can experience marine activities including being up close and personal with fur seals!

A picturesque town nestled between two mountain ranges that extend to the sea, and located halfway between Christchurch and Picton, Kaikoura is inhabited by about 3,800 people. It is a region traditionally known for its crayfish industry, and is now in the forefront of community conservation and sustainable tourism in New Zealand.  In fact in 2014, the town was awarded the Platinum Certificate for Environmental Performance by EarthCheck, the first community in the Southern Hemisphere to be recognized. From Christchurch or Picton, you can a take a bus or car that will snake around the coast and into tunnels through the mountains, or take the train which affords you amazing views of the coast.

Although the town offers numerous activities throughout the year, it is best known for its under and over the sea adventures. You can dive or snorkel, take fishing trips, go whale and dolphin watching, pedal kayaking, take marine tours or an an albatross encounter tour, and the highlight of your trip, swimming along  with the fur seals. Just imagine being up close and personal with the friendliest marine mammals in the world, found in the shallow waters of the Kaikoura Peninsula. Boat based tours are highly recommended where a guide will bring you to the best spots and will jump and frolic with the fur seals with you!

Named by Lonely Planet as one of the world’s top 10 "Best Marine Encounters", swimming with the fur seals in Kaikoura must be in everyone’s bucket list. It is a unique experience you must enjoy at least once in your lifetime.  Consult your travel agent who can help plan your trip to Kaikoura. 

By Sunshine Silva about Kaikoura Aerodrome

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