Ten Major Trends for Family Vacations

Ten Major Trends for Family Vacations

Gone are those days when families would spend their vacations in familiar places. Today, families are more open to exploring new places, experiencing numerous activities, and discover a world beyond their country, state, or city.  

With so many videos, blogs, and photos being posted, families plan their trips based on what they see and read. Here are the top major trends that families consider before embarking on a family vacation.

  • What Kids Want. To enjoy a vacation without any grumbling, what the kids want must be considered. Kids will be using their gadgets more instead of enjoying the vacation  if they are not part of the planning stage. 
  • Taking a Cruise.  Numerous cruise companies offer trips where activities are meant to be enjoyed by everyone in the family.
  • Unusual Adventures. You see them all in the World Wide Web. Families enjoying unusual adventures that are appealing, enticing and thrilling.
  • Be Up-to-Date. Being able to access information while vacationing is important.
  • Traveling Light.  Make sure to choose a luggage that is not as heavy as the content!
  • Customize Trips. A family vacation does not have to follow the standards. Customized family vacations means being able to choose your destinations. 
  • Fitness Traveling. Families nowadays are fitness conscious. They make sure that they also remain fit by enjoying treks and hiking, exercises, and outdoor activities.
  • Immersive Experiences. Family immersion means living the way locals do, camping or glamping.
  • The Real Deal. Families are seeking vacation spots that are not tourist traps. They are seeking vacation experiences which they can brag about when they go home.
  • Use Planning Tools. The extensive use of technology and social media has changed how families plan the vacation. There are more choices and deals which will mean trips that are budget friendly to families.

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By Sunshine Silva

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