The local culture of of Grenada

Also referred to as the Island of Spice for its production of mace and nutmeg, Grenada is a country made up of several small islands as well as the main island of Grenada. It is located in the Grenadines in the Southeastern region of the Caribbean Sea.

Grenada was a French Colony and thus most of the surnames and place names are imports from France. Another inherent French symbol can be found in the local Patois dialect which is laced with French word.

Grenadines is generally a cosmopolitan country. It has traces of Africa, Indian and Carib Amerindian. In fact, some of the dishes you will find here include;

  • Dhal puri, rotis, Indian sweets, cassava and curries from the Caribs
  • Salted pigtail, pig's feet (trotters), salt beef and chicken, dumplings made from flour from France and
  • Breadfruit, green banana, yam and potatoes from Africa.

Music is a way of life in the Grenadines. Among the music genres that are widespread in Grenada include; Reggae, Calypso, Soca, Rap, Zouk etc. The Island's Africans and Carib heritage have heavily influenced music in the island.

People in the villages on the island pass the night hours telling stories, African folklore, and drinking local wines and beers.

Trust me; you will fall in love with the culture here. Visit the country and experience a part of the Caribbean that most people are yet to see.

By Kennedy Runo about Grenada

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