The New 7 Wonders: Cities

Organized by the New7Wonders Foundation, which is founded and led by Bernard Weber, the New7Wonders Cities campaign was launched in 2012. It aims to determine the top seven cities in the whole world with regard to urban planning, metropolitan governance, tourism, and architecture. Announced in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2014, here are the New7Wonders Cities:

  1. Beirut, Lebanon
  2. Doha, Qatar
  3. Durban, South Africa
  4. Havana, Cuba
  5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  6. La Paz, Bolivia
  7. Vigan Philippines

The voting process for the New7Wonders Cities Edition lasted for two years. Forums were held as over 1200 nominees from more than 200 countries were put into consideration. Multiple voting phases took place as well as the panelists filtered the list of candidates. Finally, after the rigorous process of finding the best of the best, the New7Wonders Foundation were able to find the top seven...and we're sure the ones that made the list truly have something special to offer tourists.

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By Kimberley Reyes

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