Three Local Restaurants You Must Check Out in Bermuda

So you have finally decided to go and see for yourself the 'ship-torpedoing' and 'Plane-sucking' Bermuda triangle? I'd hate to be a kill-joy, but there is nothing there. Rather, you should go to the island of Bermuda and have yourself a nice meal at its top restaurants. Perhaps you will have a real story here to regale your friends back home. Checkout the following top restaurants in the islands;

1. Aqua - This is part of the Ariel Sands Resort. It runs on the motto 'Food should be entertainment'. And it is indeed entertaining here if the French-inspired cuisine served here is anything to go by. Sample the goat cheese fondue with crostini and raspberry coulis.

2. La Coquille - Feeling like salmon stuffed with scallop or lobster mousse and wrapped in puff pastry? There is no better place in Bermuda to eat tasty seafood. The restaurant is located at 40 Crow Lane, Pembroke.

3. The Pickled Onion - This is one of the few restaurants that are open for lunch on Saturdays in the city of Hamilton. Eat corn fritters with tartar sauce or crispy pork ribs with soy sauce.

Thus said, all you need to do is navigate the adrenaline pumping and sometimes treacherous waters around Bermuda to get to these restaurants. Do something different and have something to brag about, will you?

By Kennedy Runo about Bermuda

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