Three Local Restaurants You Must Check Out in Cuba

With over 2.1 million people staying within its boundaries (728.26 km2 (281.18 sq. mi), Havana, the Cuban capital, is the largest city by area and most populous city in the Caribbean. Thus said, the city happens also to be a tourist magnet and receives over 1.5 million tourists every year. One of the main attractions the city possesses is its gourmet restaurants. Below are a couple of beach front restaurants that make the city even more attractive.

1. Havana Blue Restaurant

This restaurant is located on the beautiful Morning Star Beach and serves cuisines such as Morning Star Beach. Expect to be treated with the best hand rolled Cuban cigar as well as cocktails such as mango mojito, made with fresh mango, crushed mint, and limes.

2. Gran Caribe Club Atlántico

With the sweeping views of the ocean, the clean air from the high seas and excellent food at its downstairs restaurant, Gran Caribe Club Atlántico is in a class of its own. You certainly cannot get better service than you will get at this hotel.

3. Hotel Club Acuario

Okay...this is actually a hotel, but you can also dine at its restaurant. Expect to be treated like royalty and fed like a pampered cat. This hotel not only serves the best Cuban dishes but also serves you the best imported wine to wash down the meal.

Havana is a nice place to start sampling what the Caribbean as to offer, particularly in gastronomy. The city has a longer history than its Caribbean competitors and would surely also have more to offer in terms of food.

By Kennedy Runo about Cuba

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