Top 5 Adventure Destinations in Italy

Italy is perhaps more renowned for its religious monuments, Roman Empire conquests and culinary exploits. The well hidden secret is that this country is as ideal for adventure as any other, if not more. Below are the top Italian adventure hotspots.

1. The Dolomites

The dolomites Ranges that are located in northern Italy are ideal for the adventure seekers. They feature hiking trails, magical mountain villages, glaciers, and lakes. During the summer, the hikers and hang gliders would come to hike into the mountains and take pictures of the wild, beautiful vegetation that would be in full bloom. It is also a popular skiing destination during the winter.

2. Lake Como

For those that can afford, Lake Como in Italy is an adventurer's paradise. From sailing to staying in lakeside villas to sampling the best European food; thrill seekers will have themselves to blame if they do not make it their point to visit this Italian destination at least once in their lifetime.

3. Venice

The 'Queen of Europe' as many people call the city of Venice is one of the most popular cities in Europe in terms of adventure. Whether you are making a tour of the city via the canals or taking photographs of the city and its bridges or just doing a culinary tour of Italy, this destination will leave you thoroughly awed.

4. Rome

Apart from hosting more than 50 museums, Italy is home of the records of the most heroic battles fought by the great Roman Empire. If I were you, I would start my adventure tour by reading up some of the most important battles fought by the Roman Empire. Who knows...you might get lucky and pick a winning story from the libraries.

5. Tuscany

For those who love wine, the Toscanini vineyards will leave you in complete awe at the taste of their wines as well as at their beauty. Your wine sampling adventure will never be complete without sampling the more than 200 brands of wines that are produced in Tuscany.

Now that you know that Italy is not just about museums and food, why not plan your next adventure tour to happen in Italy?

By Kennedy Runo about Italy

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