Top 5 Best Chinatown Restaurants in New York City

Craving for authentic Chinese food in New York? Head to Chinatown and savor heavenly Chinese dishes!

Home to one of the largest ethnic Chinese population outside of Asia, Chinatown in New York will make you feel like you are in a Chinese city with all of its shops, restaurants, and people talking in their native dialect. Here are five of the best restaurants in Chinatown which will satisfy your appetite for Chinese food.

  • Peking Duck House Restaurant.  Tender, juicy and delicious Peking duck is what you can enjoy in this restaurant. The Peking duck’s skin is so crispy; you want to eat a plateful of it! The duck can be served in different ways.
  • Lan Zhou Handmade Noodle. A hole-in-a-wall restaurant, this will appeal to those who love authentic Chinese dumplings and noodles. Make sure you are ready to share a table with a stranger as this place is always fully packed.
  • Wah Fung Fast Food Restaurant. How about a huge portion of tender roasted pork with rice and veggies? This is what you can order in the restaurant. Not for those who want to spend hours savoring their food. You order and walk across the street where there are some tables and chairs. Worth the calories!
  • Hop Kee Restaurant. Its regulars claim that this is the best restaurant in Chinatown. You must order their beef with bok choy, chicken with cashew nuts, salt and pepper pork chops, Cantonese crabs, and yang chow fried rice.
  • Golden Unicorn Restaurant.  Offers a wide selection of dim sum dishes that are mouthwatering. The waiting time to be seated might be quite long but once you taste the dim sum, you will not wonder why.

So many dishes to taste, and so little time! Chinatown in New York is where you can dine at every single day and still crave for more. Happy Eating!

By Sunshine Silva about Chinatown

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