Top Ten Destinations for Budget Conscious Travelers

You do not need to be rolling in money to enjoy a vacation. There are hundreds of tourist destinations around the world where you can maximize your money, minimize your expenditures, and still enjoy a grand vacation.

Here are ten budget friendly destinations which will appeal to budget conscious travelers.

  • Thailand.  One country that has it all yet it is very affordable for all types of travelers.  It is filled with cheap hotels, lodges and inns, reasonably priced food, low-cost activities, and a paradise for shoppers.
  • Bled, Slovenia. If you are into winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding, Bled offers these activities at a fraction of the cost of more popular ski resorts and destinations in Europe.
  • Vietnam. One of the most affordable countries in the world. It is a haven for backpackers. The value of the dong, its currency, is extremely low so you can stretch your dollars.
  • Egypt. Some tourists are quite hesitant in visiting Egypt because of its political situation, and this is the reason why you must visit Egypt now. Everything is cheap without the usual crowd.
  • South Africa. Your dollars and euros can go a long way in South Africa. The rand, its currency, is weak which means you get to enjoy more while spending less.
  • Cusco, Peru. Imagine spending less than $2 for a hearty meal, buy souvenirs that are reasonably priced, and get to see Machu Picchu, one of the most popular destinations in the world. This is what Cusco offers.
  • Budapest, Hungary.  This city is affordable at any time of the year. It has numerous attractions which are world renowned yet you can get by for as low as $32 a night including meals, if you stay in one of its hostels or inns.
  • Greece. There was a time that Greece was an expensive country to visit, but because of its economic crisis, budget travelers can now afford to travel to Greece.  
  • Cambodia. Its numerous attractions can be enjoyed for a song. You can get by for less than $40 a day including food, decent accommodations, and transportation.
  • Honduras. White sand beaches, and super cheap food, drinks and accommodations is why Honduras is fast becoming a haven for budget conscious travellers.

Traveling need not be expensive. Consult your travel agent and they can help you choose the best.  

By Sunshine Silva

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