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Most an ancient civilization in the Americas has its roots in Mexico. From Olmec to Toltec, from Teotihuacan to Zapotec and Maya and Aztec...every civilization worth its salt in the ancient Americas has a connection to Mexico. Perhaps there is something to this country than meets the eye.

The name 'Mēxihco' is a Nahuatl word that means 'Among the prickly pears growing among rocks'. It is the name given to the heartland of the Aztec Empire - the Valley of Mexico. The peoples residing on the valley were known as the Mexica.

The Pacific, the Caribbean and the Atlantic are some of the water bodies that this country finds itself endowed with. These long coastlines have endeared it to both business and leisure travellers. It is an important gateway of traded goods...and its sun-drenched beaches and tropical vegetation is just what everyone needs for a memorable holiday.

By Kennedy Runo about City of Mexico

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