Uncover the History Behind Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico was formerly known as San Juan Bautista. This name was given by Christopher Columbus in honor of the Catholic Saint John the Baptist. He also called its capital 'Ciudad de Puerto Rico', which is Spanish for 'Rich Port City'. The locals eventually called the country Puerto Rico.

That is the European part. Now to the local Taino part. The locals call their country 'Borikén'. This is translated to mean 'Land of the Valiant Lord'.

Information about the Pre-Columbian settlers of the island is scanty. If there were ancient dwellers here, they did their bit in ensuring little if any evidence of their existence. Archaeologists reckon that the Ortoiroid people were the first settlers here, about 4000 years ago. This notwithstanding, you will be glad you made it here. It is enchanting, idyllic and picture perfect.

By Kennedy Runo about Puerto Rico

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