Understanding your Credit Card Travel Medical Insurance. Is it enough?

Once you travel outside of your country, some health insurances might not be able to cover costs of emergency and hospital bills you might incur. This is the reason why Travel Medical insurance is very important. There are credit card companies that, as an added benefit to users, provide travel medical insurance, but it might not be as comprehensive as expected. It is imperative that you learn what your credit card travel medical insurance covers and the fine prints of your card so you do not presume that it is enough, especially when you do need medical help while traveling.

You might need a supplemental medical travel insurance when traveling abroad just to make sure you are adequately covered, but you might need to ask the following questions beforehand to know what your credit card medical insurance covers.

  • Do you need to pay for your trip with your credit card so you can be covered by your credit card medical travel insurance?
  • Are the benefits adequate enough to cover whatever medical expenses you will incur while outside the country?
  • If your family is traveling with you, are they also covered by the travel medical insurance, and is the coverage the same as yours?
  • In case of emergency and hospitalization, will you have to pay upfront and will just be reimbursed later, or will they pay the hospital directly?
  • Are there countries where the medical travel insurance is not honored or can be only applied with restrictions? In addition to this, you might want to check travel advisories by the government to make sure about your safety before booking a trip.
  • Are specific activities or events that are not covered by it?
  • Doe the insurance apply only for medical emergencies and not pre-existing conditions which might require medical help while traveling?
  • What are the restrictions and limitations of your medical travel insurance?
  • Aside from medical concerns, does your insurance cover baggage loss, trip cancellation, and other damages?
  • Do they have a toll-free telephone number you can call for emergency assistance, or an affiliated company in your destination which can help you in case of a medical emergency?

You might have other questions regarding credit card medical travel insurance or other questions about travel insurance in general. Consult Jubilee Travel https://www.jubileeonline.ca for more details and information.  

By Sunshine Silva

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