You Will Remember Chile

"You will remember those gifts from the earth," writes Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. The scenes that accompany his words are from the witnesses of the Adventure Travel World Summit 2015 set in Puerto Varas, Chile. Delegates including Jubilee Travel's Marketing Director, Judy Karwacki, were sent to the far reaches of the country. From flamingoes feasting on brine shrimp in the volcanic north to a feast of clams baked in the earth to the glaciers in sub-Antarctic Patagonia, Chile is a nation chock full of adventure -- in its places and in its people..."we find everything waiting there."

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Cinematography: Scott Adams, Mark Crawford, Juno Kim, Garth Reckers, Hassen Salum, Rupert Shanks, Lukasz Warzecha

Produced by: Mark Crawford & Murray Bartholomew 

Edited by: Forrest Lotterhos

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