Why You Must Visit Rotarua, New Zealand

Rotarua is a Maori name that can be translated as 'the second great lake of Kahumatamomoe'. Rotarua City is a city on the southern shores of Lake Rotarua, in the Bay of Plenty Area, North Island, New Zealand. The city is a must visit for every traveler that visits New Zealand due to the following amazing experiences.

1. Zorbing

I know you have never heard of such a game...but it is the newest Australian invention. It involves tucking a group of 2 or 3 people in a giant ball and then running within the ball. It is a fascinating game that can help you lose a few pounds as you have fun.

2. Water Sports on Lake Rotarua

Fishing, boat riding, Sky jumping, Bungee diving and snorkeling are some of the activities you can engage in Rotarua. While at it, why not camp along the shores of Lake Rotarua and watch the scenic sunset rays illumination on the lake water?

3. Experience the Culture of Aruwa and Maori People

For more than 600 years, the Te Arawa and Maori people of New Zealand lived together on the shores of Lake Rotarua. They were fishermen. You can experience their culture at the authentic Maori Village. In fact, you can indulge in one of the best spa experiences in New Zealand at this village.

4. Hiking and Backpacking Around the Rotarua Lake

You can hike around the beautiful scenic forest trails that surround Lake Rotarua. While at it, make sure you click at beautiful sights with your camera. Another popular place with hikers is Mount Maunganui, beaches and coastlines

5. Eating the Best New Zealand Seafood at Kiwi 360

Fresh from the lake, the trout served here is mouthwatering. You can also get to sample the traditional Kiwifruit & Manuka Honey.

Now that you know what you will miss if you leave out Rotarua in your New Zealand holiday itinerary, why don't you make a point of squeezing in the destination in the list? If you have never been to New Zealand, I would suggest you make it your next vacation’s destination.

By Kennedy Runo about Rotorua

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