Witness The "Big 5" On A Safari In Kenya

Africa is known around the world for many things but one of the most intriguing things it is known for is what is called the continent's "Big 5". Many people around the world have heard this term in reference to Africa but still are unsure of what it means. Taking a safari in Kenya is one sure way to find out firsthand.

The "Big 5" in Africa is a reference to five of the most beautiful animal species that are unique to the African continent. These species include the African lion, rhinoceros, elephant, leopard, and Cape buffalo. When most people learn about what the Big 5 actually are, they often wonder why certain other species such as the zebra, the giraffe, and the cheetah are not included.

The term "Big 5" was not something that was implemented by any government in Africa nor was it the invention of safari tour companies. Rather it was coined by big game hunters in Africa who determined that those specific animals were the most difficult to catch and were the most aggressive and ferocious when facing down hunters.

There are several types of safaris that tourists to Kenya can take but the "Big 5" game safaris are among the most popular. Many of the tour companies in Kenya offer multi-day safari packages that include safe, guided tours of some of the largest conservancies and reserves anywhere in Africa.

Many of the safari tours start in the Kenyan city of Nairobi and end in Mombasa. There are several big game reserves and conservancies that are visited during these safaris including Masai Mara, Amboseli, and Nakuru. Tsavo West is one of the more popular reserves because visitors are able to see the legendary Kilimanjaro.

Seeing the Big 5 is the highlight of most of the safaris that are available throughout Kenya. But there is much more to these once-in-a-lifetime excursions that most tourists are not expecting but that they find pleasantly surprising.

There is such an abundance of unique wildlife all over the African continent and a Big 5 safari is the best way to catch of glimpse of it. The wildebeest, bushbuck, and eland are some of the most popular and exciting animals to see even though they are not part of the famed Big 5.

By Avon Alexander about Kenya

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