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Sandy Karwacki-Farber, BA

I am the manager and a partner in Jubilee Travel. Travel is my passion....
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Marilyn White

I have worked in travel and tourism for over 40 years. I have enjoyed...
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Cheryl Bergen

I am a grandma to two amazing boys and an adorable little girl, and...
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Judy Karwacki, MA, MBA

I am a partner in Jubilee, and our adventure, culture and religious travel expert....
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Jenna Farber

I recently completed a degree in International Studies, which has broade....
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Jerry J. Farber

I am the husband of Sandy, Jubilee Travel’s manager. I was raised in a...
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Elaine Stadnyk

I am a partner in Jubilee, and our business manager. I love to travel...
Courtney Grabarczyk

Courtney Grabarczyk

I am a wife and a mom (to 3 fur babies) I love to play sports, garden...

One of a Kind Sports and Athletic Events in the Fall in Hong Kong

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Say Adios to the Ordinary

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Rocky Mountaineer rewards early birds

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Swiss Summer Sips

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Cheers! What to drink in The Bahamas.

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"Unity Sand" Wedding Ceremony in the Cayman Islands

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Hacienda El Porvenir, Ecuador

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What to Eat in The Bahamas?

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Dream Hideaway Weddings at Jake's in Treasure Beach

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