New Avanti Destinations: Wales & the Lake District

Avanti Destinations has partnered again with VisitBritain to introduce new experiences that encompass true British culture. The beauty of Great Britain does not solely lie in bustling London or historic Edinburgh, and many travelers miss the authentic charms that hide just beyond the iconic cities. This expanded campaign is designed to highlight lesser known places along with their local culinary specialties, and to depict Britain in its entirety, from already beloved destinations to charming local gems.

Their new Food & Drink itineraries are designed to showcase regional culinary specialties found in London, Yorkshire, Cornwall & Devon, Cumbria, Edinburgh and Wales. They have five new options to whet your appetite that feature hearty meals, seafood delicacies or locally produced drinks & spirits. For any food enthusiasts in pursuit of new flavors, now is the time to experience Britain like never before.

Award winning restaurants, charming pubs pairing good grub with local ales, wineries and distilleries are all part of the menu so contact Jubilee Travel if you want to learn more!

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