4 cool cultural experiences in Puerto Vallarta

Step out of your comfort zone and into exciting and authentic cultural activities in Puerto Vallarta.

1. Art Galleries: Art is a permanent fixture in the Mexican culture. Puerto Vallarta itself has put on art exhibitions since the 1950's and is home to a large number of galleries.

2. Markets, Mercados and Tianguis: Dating back to prehispanic times is the Tiganguis or open air market. The Tiganguis is where you can shake hands with local vendors and purchase local foods and wears its a must do.

3. San Sebastian del Oeste, A Mountain Renaissance: For years and years travellers, have braved hours of scenic roads to discover the secrets and beauty of this old mining town.

4. A couple of hours and a car: Head south from Puerto Vallarta on a road trip back in time and discover what Puerto Vallarta would have been like 40 years ago.

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By Sandy Karwacki-Farber, BA about Puerto Vallarta

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