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Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Makes 5-Star Award History

02/23/2017 in Anywhere

Business, leisure luxury hotel brand earns more Forbes 5-Star Ratings in a single year than any other hotel brand. 

2017 is a banner year for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.  It marks the second consecutive year the hotel brand, loved by fans of luxury travel, has topped Forbes Travel Guide ratings with a record number of...

What to Drink in Mexico

07/12/2016 in Mexico

Tap water is potable, but generally not recommended for drinking. Some exaggerated people even claim that tap water is not good for brushing teeth. Hotels usually give guests one (large) bottle of drinking water per room per night. Bottled water is also readily available in supermarkets and at tourist attractions. Other choices are:

  • Absinthe, which is legal in Mexico.
  • Tequila, distilled from...

Planning a Destination Wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

07/08/2016 in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, on the Pacific coast, is one of Mexico's top resort destinations.

In town, in the ocean, or in forest, there's plenty to entertain visitors. Boardwalks in town are worth a stroll to see sculptors and artisans at work. On the water, active visitors enjoy snorkeling, diving and kayaking, and less active guests can to get on boats to...

Have Fun Travelling as a Group!

05/25/2016 in Puerto Vallarta

There is something to be said about travelling in groups.  You can enjoy the camaraderie of friends and enjoy a destination at the same time.

Normally, a group consists of 10 passengers and 5 rooms.  Sometimes travel companies offer specials for a group of 8 adults and 4 rooms.  There are also concessions for groups buying airfare only, which are usually...

Say I Do in Mexico

05/19/2016 in Mexico

When planning our Big Day, we want it to be special and out of the ordinary. We try to think of new destinations that will make it a "once-in-a-lifetime" memory. What better destination to achieve this than Mexico? Mexico brings a wide range of locations that you can choose to have your perfect day. They include the animated city of...

11 Things you probably didn’t know about Mexico but should

03/17/2016 in Mexico

Below are small things about Mexico that you ought to know but don't. Make sure you memorize them...they will make your trip to Mexico much more enjoyable.

1. Mexico is officially known as United Mexican States.

2. Mexico sits on a whopping 2 million square kilometer surface area, making it the fifth largest in the Americas and the 13th largest in the...

4 cool cultural experiences in Puerto Vallarta

02/26/2016 in Puerto Vallarta

Step out of your comfort zone and into exciting and authentic cultural activities in Puerto Vallarta.

1. Art Galleries: Art is a permanent fixture in the Mexican culture. Puerto Vallarta itself has put on art exhibitions since the 1950's and is home to a large number of galleries.

2. Markets, Mercados and Tianguis: Dating back to prehispanic times is the...

Uncover the History Behind Cancun

02/18/2016 in Cancún

The name Cancun is derived from the Mayan name 'Kaan kun'. Linguistic scholars have different translations of the name. Some like to think it means 'nest of snakes' while others think it as 'place of the golden snake'. Whichever translation that takes your fancy, one thing about Cancun holds true - there are very few places on earth that can...

Top 5 Most Romantic Destinations

02/04/2016 in Anywhere

Whether a hopeless romantic, a pragmatic romantic, or just a confused romantic, travelling to the world's most romantic places will prompt cupid to draw back his bow. 

1. The Seychelles

Located off the East African Coast in the Indian Ocean, this island country is perhaps the most romantic place on earth. It features secluded white sand beaches that are shaded with leafy white palm...

Its Time You Explored The Historic Monuments Zone of Tlacotalpan

02/04/2016 in Gulf of Mexico

Tlacotalpan is located in the Coast of the Gulf of Mexico and is one of the most preserved Spanish colonial towns. Its urban landscape is based on a checkerboard or a grid pattern. It was built by the mid-16th century and features wide streets with lined colonnaded houses that reflect vernacular Caribbean tradition.

There are many mature trees in the city’s...