Top 5 Most Romantic Destinations

Whether a hopeless romantic, a pragmatic romantic, or just a confused romantic, travelling to the world's most romantic places will prompt cupid to draw back his bow. 

1. The Seychelles

Located off the East African Coast in the Indian Ocean, this island country is perhaps the most romantic place on earth. It features secluded white sand beaches that are shaded with leafy white palm trees. From the country's capital, Victoria, you can rent a boat and sail into the ocean as you sip your favorite wine. There is nothing as romantic as watching the African sun as it sink into the Indian Ocean waters at sunset seated on the beach. Better still, you can spend the night around a camp fire on the beach - sort of like how you see it in the movies.

2. The Maldives

This is another Indian Ocean island country that comprises of 26 atolls, some of which are not occupied. It is located off the Indian coast in the Laccadive Sea. It is the lowest country in the world, barely 3 meters above the sea level. Apparently, people love visiting the islands due to their privacy. If you have dreamed of doing something naughty with your lover on the beach, this is the place to go. You might be the only two souls on the island.

3. Riviera Maya in Mexico

This is home to some of the most pristine beaches in the world. It is not as crowded as Cancun and is just a short drive from Playa del Carmen. While there, make sure you spend some time in Escencia, a beachside hotel that features a 50-acre estate, domed steam rooms, a gourmet restaurant and a 2-mile long beach.

4. Jukkasjarvi in Sweden

This is an ice hotel constructed in the Swedish Lapland region, about 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. I know you are wondering how such a cold place could be romantic - don't worry about the cold. The place is heated throughout the year. Besides, it is the best place to watch the beautiful display of lights that are called Aurora Borealis - The northern Lights.

5. The Lake District in United Kingdom

This district features 16 lakes that are set within the UK's highest mountains. It boasts picture perfect villages, panoramic views, and pubs that serve top shelf cocktails after a day of exploration. It is the perfect place for those who love the outdoors to exhaust their muscles.

There you have it - the beauty of romance and the reason why Shakespeare is so much adored in the world of literature. Trust me; you will love this spots too and would not be cynical about romance any more.

By Kennedy Runo on 05/21/2015

By Jenna

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