How Do Destination Wedding Invitations Differ From Those For Hometown Weddings

For the purposes of this posting, Destination Weddings are those held in exclusive dream destinations where only a few invited guests attend whereas Hometown Weddings are used in reference to weddings held in your local area.

Destination weddings are more likely to be organized by a hired professional wedding organizer while hometown weddings are organized by friends and close relatives. When it comes to guest invitations, there will be a slight difference due to several factors as espoused below.

1. Information

Conveyed Destination weddings invitations tend to have more information and details. Remember that this is a wedding that is going to be held in a far off venue. You do not want your guest getting lost or attending the wedding late. The venue will be costing you some money.

2. More color

Destination weddings tend to have more colorful invitation stationery. The stationery will always carry the theme of the wedding and thus costs more money.

3. Budget

When sending out invitations for a destination wedding, you need to put a lot of considerations on things such as guest transportation costs, accommodation, reception budget and the cost of printing the invitation. If you are operating on a low budget, you need to have just a few invitations sent to close family and friends.

4. The Egos

In any wedding, you will have a lot of contending egos. The goodness with destination weddings is that you will not invite anybody that you do not want in your wedding. Just imagine what will happen if your drinking buddies learnt of a wedding in your hometown that you did not invite them.

Good luck and we look forward to helping you plan your dream destination wedding.

By Kennedy Runo on 07/03/2015

By Sandy Karwacki-Farber, BA

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