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How Do Destination Wedding Invitations Differ From Those For Hometown Weddings

02/03/2016 in Anywhere

For the purposes of this posting, Destination Weddings are those held in exclusive dream destinations where only a few invited guests attend whereas Hometown Weddings are used in reference to weddings held in your local area.

Destination weddings are more likely to be organized by a hired professional wedding organizer while hometown weddings are organized by friends and close relatives....

5 Places Online to Buy Destination Wedding Dresses

02/03/2016 in Anywhere

There is no glamour without active participation. Fortunately for you, I have done the research of where you can buy that glamorous wedding dress easily. Even better, the online shopping portals I am going to suggest are nothing like the local bridal salon. They offer great policies such as free shipping return and awesome designer fittings. Take a look.

1. Shopbop.com

Whether you...

Who takes care of what bills for a Destination Wedding?

02/03/2016 in Anywhere

Here is a guideline to who pays what.

In any wedding, there are several parties involved. They are;

-The bride and groom
-The grooms buddies and parents
-The bridesmaids and parents

Now if you want a wedding where you do not have to shoulder every cost, you need to share out the costs to all these people. The following is how the destination wedding...

5 great Honeymoon Tips

01/29/2016 in Anywhere

Your Honeymoon should be one of the most spectacular vacations you have in your lifetime. Below are some tips and tricks to ensure that's the case.
1. Disconnect and totally escape. Try putting your phone on airplane mode while on your honeymoon. Check in with your family and friends upon arrival and then totally escape and disconnect for awhile. 

2. When...

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Destination for your Wedding

01/12/2016 in Anywhere

Destination weddings are great. It’s a wonderful opportunity to
travel and see new sights, as well as partake in different adventures with loved ones. However, choosing the right destination for you and your future spouse can be tricky. Here are ten pieces of advice as you take the first step in planning your fantasy wedding. 

    •    If you...

The Five Best Disney Hotels for Your Wedding or Honeymoon

01/08/2016 in Anywhere

It was Disney who first taught us about true love and happily ever after’s. Therefore, it makes sense to go back to where it all began. Get married at Disney World, or at least, spend your honeymoon there. You won’t regret it, and here are five superb hotels to make your experience, even more, magical. 

1.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge      

This amazing...

Ten practical and fun favors for a destination wedding

12/21/2015 in Anywhere

It would be such a waste if your wedding favors are thrown away the minute your guests get back home. After all, wedding favors are meant to be a kept or used. If you are having destination wedding, here are some wedding favor ideas that are fun and practical.

  • Easy to keep and very useful, personalized bottle opener are great wedding...