The Five Best Disney Hotels for Your Wedding or Honeymoon

It was Disney who first taught us about true love and happily ever after’s. Therefore, it makes sense to go back to where it all began. Get married at Disney World, or at least, spend your honeymoon there. You won’t regret it, and here are five superb hotels to make your experience, even more, magical. 

1.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge      

This amazing resort hotel is modeled after the kraal, the traditional village structure in Africa. A stay there means getting up close and personal with two hundred different kinds of animals in beautiful savannas. There are also different pools as well as a water park for the kids. Definitely consider this resort if you’re looking for a unique and exciting experience. 

2, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge     

This lodge might seem similar to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. However, the feel is quite different. The earthy-themed décor emits a musty and forest-like ambiance. It even brings the great outdoors inside, with a small river that starts in the lobby, ventures out through waterfalls, and ends up in the beautiful pool. The hotel also has a geyser that erupts every hour, so that patrons can definitely catch the show. 

3. Disney Swan and Dolphin     

The best thing about this resort is that it is located in the Walt Disney World Resort, making all of Disney within easy distance. But for those too excited to walk, they still offer free transportation. On top of all this, the hotel still provides the exciting amenities like a game room and is in and of itself a beautiful example of modern architecture.  

4. Waldorf Astoria Orlando    

  If you’re the type that gets worn out by the endless throngs of children at Disney, then rest up at the elegant and luxurious Waldorf Astoria Orlando, which guarantees a relaxing and kid-free stay. The pool has cabanas. The sloping golf course is evergreen. The décor is exquisite. This hotel truly lives up to its five stars, and its prices are about the same as Disney’s resort fees. 

5. Castle Hotel

This boutique hotel boasts a pool, spa, restaurant, tennis court, as well as a gym in addition to the beautiful rooms. The décor maintains the castle motif, which adds to the Disney magic. So rest up on the rooftop terrace, enjoy the lovely Florida climate, and watch the sunset. As added bonuses, the hotel is also within walking distance of many attractions and is pet-friendly!

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By Chiemi Irene Alonzo

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