Rent a car or take the train in Europe?

Whether to rent a car or take the train when traveling in Europe is a decision not easily made.
When starting the European travel planning process, take some of the below variables into consideration.

1. Rail coverage- Many European countries are littered with crisscrossing rail lines. However, some are much more sparse.

 2. Luggage-Not a light packer? You may want to lean towards renting a car. Trust us you don't want to be dragging around 50-pound bags from train to train. 

3. The number of travellers - Normally the rule of thumb is that if you're travelling with two or more people, a car is a more convenient. 

4. Pace- Is your dream European travel itinerary fast or slow paced? If its more leisurely, train travel makes a lot of sense, If it's a bunch of one and two night stays shift your thinking to renting a car. 

5. City centre or Rural- If your itinerary consists of the main urban cities, then no need to debate, a car is almost useless in this case as parking a navigation can be a nightmare.

We know it's a lot to think about, and these are not the only things to consider. In addition, there are many things to think about when renting a car. Also, there are advantages to purchasing your rail pass before you leave for your trip to Europe. Be sure to check out these other two blogs covering those topics, and then contact Jubilee Travel and let us help you get packing!!

Save Money and Have a Better Experience by Buying Europe Train Passes Before you Leave Home

10 Tips for Renting Cars in Europe

By Sandy Karwacki-Farber, BA about Europe

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