Your Own Personal Iceland Stopover Buddy

Iceland is a hot destination these days. Did you know that Icelandair offers you a free (up to 7 nights) stopover service on your transatlantic flight en route to Europe? Well, you should take advantage!

And what's more, starting soon Icelandair will offer a complimentary buddy service for you to utilize on your trip. What does this mean? It's an innovative program in which an airline employee ensures you get an authentic experience in whatever region-based activities your heart desires! Want to eat a home-cooked meal or find that secret hot springs location? Now, Icelandair will match you with a local employee who is the most compatible for whatever it is you wish to see or do during your stopover service in Iceland. This buddy service allows you a local host for up to one day - guaranteeing a cultural experience like no other. Making friends in Iceland has never been so easy!

Your stopover buddy - Coming soon, thanks to Icelandair!

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By Jenna Farber about Iceland

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